Geography KS3 & 4: Fracking

Music KS3 / GCSE: Music technology

Analysing and writing myths

Alexander Aleo OBITUARY

KS3 / KS4 History: The Gallipoli campaign

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The origins of the Industrial Revolution

KS2 / KS3 PSHE: Being bullied – Jake’s Story

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KS2 / KS3 Science: How plants and animals reproduce

KS2 / KS3 Music: Composing a piece of music using unpitched percussion

PSHE KS3/4: What is domestic violence?

KS3 / KS4 Computer Science: What is decomposition?

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KS2 / KS3 History: Life at a Victorian reformatory school

KS3 / KS4 Biology: The human heart

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KS3 / KS4 History: Anglo-Saxon revolt and resistance

Biology KS3 / KS4: Science of the Harvest

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KS3 English Language: Homophones and Homonyms

KS3 / KS4 / GCSE History: World War Two – Children of the Holocaust

KS3 / KS4 / GCSE History: A young Jewish boy’s experience of Nazi Germany in World War Two

KS2 / KS3 PSHE: How to become a successful entrepreneur

KS3 Religious Studies: O is for Omnis

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